Photo: Charlotte Gates

Charlotte Gates
English Teaching Assistantship  |  2023-24


Charlotte Gates, an Albuquerque native, will be graduating this spring from the University of New Mexico with a Bachelor’s in English and German and a minor in Honors Interdisciplinary Arts. She has a strong passion for language-learning and has been studying German since her freshman year of high school. Charlotte is currently President of the UNM German Club and recently returned from studying abroad at Heidelberg Universität, where she was able to realize first hand the wealth of knowledge and opportunity that cultural exchanges allow. Through her work as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Germany, Charlotte hopes to not only further her own knowledge about the world’s cultural diversity, but also to spread her love of languages with others. She also aims to utilize this wonderful opportunity to educate others about the beautifully complex culture of New Mexico. Charlotte is beyond grateful for the exceptional mentors and staff on campus who aided her throughout this process. She would especially like to thank Dr. Kiyoko Simmons, Dr. Maria Szasz, Dr. Katrin Schroeter, Professor Greg Martin, and Mrs. Katherine Myers for their continued support and encouragement.