Photo: Laura-Martin Alasandagutti

Laura-Martin Alasandagutti
English Teaching Assistantship  |  2023-24


Laura-Martin Alasandagutti is a master's student in the Languages, Cultures, and Literatures department at the University of New Mexico, focusing on French and Francophone studies. She received a Fulbright Teaching Assistantship in Cameroon for the academic year 2023-2024. She hopes to bolster the education she has received at the University of Mississippi and the University of New Mexico through her upcoming experiences in Cameroon.  While teaching English in Cameroon, she hopes to better her teaching skills, particularly for students of different backgrounds with different life goals.  She also looks forward to immersing herself into the Cameroonian culture and the French language she has studied for the past 11 years under (but not limited to) Joshua Wade, Casey Harlan, Dr. Sara Wellman, Dr. Daniel O'Sullivan, Dr. Pamela Cheek, Dr. Stephen Bishop, and Dr. Pim Higginson to whom she is extremely grateful.